dis-orientation.info launches!

January 22, 2014

And it begins!

Hello, hello folks! The Dis-Orientation Collective is proud to be launching dis-orientation.info today. We’re an emerging collective that is looking for collaborators, so we don’t want to say too much about what this project is, as we hope that it will continually evolve and expand as more and more folks join the collective and contribute to dis-orientation.info.

To learn more about us, visit our about page, and, if you’re interested in getting involved, you should check out that page, too.

Nonetheless, to briefly touch on the intent of the collective and its project, dis-orientation.info: we aim to create a decentralized network of individuals for centralizing critical and crucial information that disrupts the standard PR narratives of universities and brings to light the structural issues that are prevalent at universities. It is time to get critical and really think about what role universities play in society today and what role they should play. What harms do they contribute to? How do they contribute to the maintenance of the status quo?

And, most importantly, how can we effect change so that universities play the role that they ought to play, so that they no longer contribute to maintaining the status quo and these structural problems.

Too often, we take things for granted without critically thinking about them, especially those things that are so accepted and ingrained as ‘natural’ in society, like going to college:

Rheum, a short film by the Norton Brothers.

It’s time to think critically about what we take for granted! It’s time to un-learn and dis-orient!