About the Dis-Orientation Collective

It is time for the “leaders” of our universities, and all “educational” institutions to wake up from false volunteerism, tokenization that propels oppressive “isms,” standardized testing in preparation of maintaining the status quo, and take a look at the real justice-based issues at hand. The colonial “white savior” mentality will not create the much needed systematic change. Read these dis-orientation guides (sometimes referred to as DOG(s)) with a loving and open mind!

We are a collective of students that are fed up with our campus newspapers blabbering about hogwash. So, we are trying to create alternative venues for subversive writing, doodling, poetry, etc. Any topic and or dis-orientation guide “issue” is welcome so long as it’s “real talk.”

A little bit about us … currently, we are merely two students from Michigan that are trying to develop a central hub that will help students and youth groups to un-learn the homogenized (and offensive) way of the typical “campus organizing,” by experimenting new kinds of shenanigans and honeslty, exposing our college’s and university’s dirty laundry. This collective hopes that by educating students, faculty, staff, and community members about the messy issues which need solving, our industrialized institution of “education” can start to deconstruct and work towards a more liberating future for all.

But, it’s not a collective without you! This is a student led project that welcomes (and relies on) new people, ideas, and zine issues! Interested in getting involved, or have a topic that you would like to see a particular university cover? Email us at: disorientation@riseup.net or DIY by getting involved! We would love to support you and your group in any capacity!